Sunday, February 10, 2013

Holy Geez!

Holy Geez! (Yes, I had to re-state it.)

I was all pumped to start this blog thing back up and not be distracted by life or life drama and all that good stuff. I was going to be amazing. (Well... I mean, I am amazing but this was going to be documented amazing.)

And then?

This is going to be shocking, I know. BUT...

The life drama hit. And believe you me, this was some good life drama. The CW ain't got nothing on me.

So, I got distracted. Dealing, processing, living - all that stuff. And I was convinced it had been months, months!, maybe even half a year!, since I last updated this new blog I was so pumped about.

But, nope, it's only been since December. Not so bad, my friends. I think I can re-claim this.

Besides, I'm on a journey right now to find meaning and embrace all of the wonderfulness I'm certain that I possess and can extend to the world at large so how can I not keep a record of that? If nothing else, I need something to come back and read and giggle at when I'm disappointed at life.

So, I'm back, babes. I know you didn't miss me - but I did.

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