Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sometimes My Life Gets Busy

And that's when I decide I want to blog.

Because A) busy times give me stuff to write about.

B) It allows me to settle my thoughts somewhere and really gives me a touchstone in a world of craziness. It gives me a place where I can direct my emotions rather than letting them explode out into the world, possibly in an inappropriate venue. If I don't funnel my inner being into witty prose, I might just cry at work... and you know that I can't be doing that. Unless it's in my car.

C) One of my very favourite bloggers Lindsey at Happy or Hungry once wrote about how she had never been in better shape than when she was blogging about her food/exercise on the daily and I want a little bit of that healthy living glory.

or D) I'm a masochist.

I'll leave it up to you to decide, my lovely readers.

Anyway, I don't really have a topic for today's post - I have to save my topic ideas for future blog fodder! (Keep a look out for hi-LAR-ious stories, pictures of my food, adventures in healthy eating/exercise, ruminations on being a twenty-something and going through a second adolescence, crowd-sourcing on all things and every thing.... Really, I'm offering everything that is wrong in the world of blogging. But it should be fun anyway.)

And in the meantime, some gifs!

I spend too much time watching Star Trek when I should be doing things like making the upper floor of my house appropriate for company. I also think Patrick Stewart is just so sexy.

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